Nitin Vadukul is a New York City-based multilateral thinker and engineer of art. He makes motion pictures and photographs subjects, applying respectful transformation to each given environment.

Nitin believes there is something extraordinary to be found in all things; his work is an open universe for unconditioned visual creations finding home within the unknown. Transporting his subjects to a space without beginning or end, he explores the subconscious and conscious mind as a conduit between the visible and the hidden.

Unclouded by past memories or future projections, Nitin exists in the perfect moment of creation; his fearless and daring work breaks boundaries and starts conversations. He has portrayed His Holiness the Dalai Lama, U.S. President Barack Obama and rapper Jay Z – but his work exists only in the present and is open to your interpretation.

“Everything we see in life can ignite a series of feelings within us. I want to mirror this with my work, evoking emotions to which people can aspire.”